Research “speed dating”

This interdisciplinary networking event offers participants a structured environment in which to practice summarizing their research and communicating with researchers outside of their discipline. Participants will be paired for 3 minutes, in a friendly group setting, to discuss their research before moving on to their next discussion partner. This fast-paced, friendly and informative networking activity is sure to bring some laughs! It might also introduce you to your future research partner…

Digital poster session

Our digital poster session provides the opportunity for one-on-one feedback and engagement. Posters will be visible on a central projection and through portable mobile devices; poster presenters will be identifiable by a presenters badge. The shift to digital allows our presenters to more freely interact with one another as well as other attendees.

Conference journal

With the support of Western Libraries and Scholarship@Western, FIMULAW is starting an open access journal to host programs, posters, multimedia ephemera, and papers affiliated with our research day proceedings.

Research performances

Music research often combines classic research methods with embodied research practice. FIMULAW is proud to feature musical research performances which demonstrate both the historical and technical components of music research.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks – three minute presentations with limited slides – encourage clear and concise communication. Lightning talk sessions allow for rapid fire knowledge translation and provide researchers the opportunity to discuss developing projects.