FIMULAW 2018 Participants

The FIMULAW Organizing Committee are proud to confirm the following participants for FIMULAW 2018.

Panelists | Lightning talks | Performances | Poster presentations


Deconstructing privilege

  • Moderator: Dr. Patrick Schmidt, Music Education
  • On the Shores of the Internet: Online Gatekeeping & Trolling Privilege
    Yimin Chen – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Reconciling Diversity: The Path Forward
    Paul Hansen – Law
  • Embracing Progressive Pedagogies in the Secondary Instrumental Ensemble
    Kristine Musgrove – Music – Music Education

Mental health

  • Moderator: Dr. Jacob Shelley, Law
  • Reducing Recidivism Sooner: Opportunities for Mental Health Assessment at the Bail Stage
    Cassandra DeMelo – Law
  • Exploring the Use of Social Media Technologies for Mental Health: Preliminary Results of a Scoping Review
    Lyndsay Foisey – FIMS – Health Information Science
  • Managing Emotions with Music: The Mental Health Implications of Personal Music Listening for Emotion Regulation
    Elizabeth Kinghorn – Music – Music Education

Lightning talks

  • Ethical Conceptualizations of Functional and Critical Literacies: Music Technology in the Curriculum
    Dr. Cathy Benedict – Music – Music Education
  • Contemporary Church Praise Bands and Popular Music: Influences on Music Education
    Laura Benjamins – Music – Music Education
  • We Don’t Say it Like That Anymore
    Mary Blake Bonn – Music – Music Theory
  • Privacy in the Workplace
    Christina Catenacci – Law
  • Recognizing Covert Advertising
    Sarah Cornwell – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • El Sistema Aeolian: Musical Pathways to Community Transformation
    Maxime Crawford-Holland – Music – Music Education
  • The Effects of Infertility on Female Singer Identity
    Laura Curtis – Music – Music Education
  • Imagery for Singers
    Brianna DeSantis – Music – Music Performance
  • Canadian Health Data: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Kelly Kolapak – FIMS – Health Information Science
  • No Space to Sing: Primary Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Classical Singers
    Elizabeth Lepock – Music – Music Performance
  • Phylomemetic Cataloguing
    Alexander Mayhew – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Librarians and the Research and Publishing Cycle
    Cal Murgu – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • The Sexual Contract and Professional Servitude: Kesha’s (1853) Contract Dispute
    Dr. Matt Stahl – FIMS – Media Studies


  • Excerpt from The Letter Scene from Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night (Dominick Argento)
    • Brianna DeSantis – Soprano
    • Diana Wu – Music – Musicology
    • Simone Luti – Piano
  • I Ching, mvmt III (Per Nørgård)
    • Joe Moscheck – Percussion

Poster presentations

  • Beyond Big Font: The Library Experience of Older Adults
    Rochelle Adamiak, Michelle Cusick, Selena Mann, Stephanie Prentice, Ariel Stables-Kennedy – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Using Legal Reform to Narrow the Gender Wage Gap in Canada
    Jennfier Beaudoin – Law
  • The LiT.RL Clickbait Detector
    Christopher Brogly – FIMS – Health Information Science
  • Creative Trouble: Using Soundscapes to Challenge School Silence
    Kelly Bylica – Music – Music Education
  • Privacy in the Workplace
    Christina Catenacci – Law
  • Sex Hormones & The Singing Voice
    Laura Curtis – Music – Music Education
  • Perceptions of what it means to be information literate: An opportunity to address the ‘fake news’ epidemic
    Nicole Delellis – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Reducing Recidivism Sooner: Opportunities for Mental Health Assessment at the Bail Stage
    Cassandra DeMelo – Law
  • The Music of Self-Care and Well-Being
    Jen Hinkkala – Music – Music Education
  • Music Inclusion: Collaboration Between Music Educators and Music Therapists
    Meghan Hopkins – Music – Music Education
  • In Favour of a Multilingual Internet: A Japanese Language Case Study About Access to Information
    Stephanie Kuhn – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • The Spy Next Door: Snooping, Data Security & Society’s Diminishing Ideology of Privacy
    Anjeli Leamen – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Using Martin Heidegger’s Ontological Hermeneutics in Spiritual Information Behaviour Research
    Kelsang Legden – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Critical Thinking & Music
    Rachael Litt – Music – Music Education
  • Scholarship@Western
    Brian McMillan & Music Library Staff
  • Wagner’s Use of the Formal Lament for King Mark in Tristan und Isolde
    Julie Anne Nord – Music – Musicology
  • Publicized Periods: A Value Sensitive Approach to Women’s Menstrual Tracking Software Applications
    Madison Patterson, Jordan Bulbrook, & Erin Unger – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Regional Integration: Physician Experiences of Electronic Medical Record Use and Impact in South West Ontario
    Sadiq Raji – FIMS – Health Information Science
  • The Coincidences and Communities of Research: An Annotated Bookshelf
    kirstyn seanor – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • Children’s Clapping Games on YouTube: Music Play in the Digital Age
    Dr. Kari Veblen & Nathan Kruse (Case Western Reserve University) – Music – Music Education
  • Exploring Information Access: Deaf Culture and American Sign Language in Ontario
    Fiona Walley – FIMS – Library & Information Science
  • LGBTQ+ Children’s Picture Books in Ontario Public Libraries
    Ashleigh Yates-McKay, Danielle Bettridge, Alissa Droog, & Alyssa Martin – FIMS – Library & Information Science