Many thanks to our FIMULAW 2018 Organizing Committee members:

  • Kelly Bylica
  • Shamiram Zendo
  • Meghan Hopkins
  • Mei Lee
  • Lisa Macklem
  • Kristine Musgrove
  • Adam Roy
  • kirstyn seanor
  • Lynn Ubell

The FIMULAW Organizing Committee would like to thank the following people for their continued support:

  • Cathy Benedict
  • Becky Blue
  • Jacquie Burkell
  • Rachel Condie
  • Susanna Eayrs
  • Karen Kueneman
  • Valerie Oosterveld
  • Office of Research at Western University

FIMULAW would like to acknowledge the following photographers, whose work is sourced through Unsplash and featured in our banner image:

Samuel Zeller Markus Spiske Matthew Henry Juja Han Raphael Schaller